D.P.M. Universal Billiard Systems

For Carom Billiards

Secrets of Three Cushion Billiards ~Doctoral Edition

           220 pages, 90 full-page graphs step by step instructions  $39.95


1.      I am at the table explaining how to use the book

      Sold Together Doctoral Book & Tape set or DVD set 3 hours  $90.00


2.      NEW ~ Advanced DPM System Segments. The next steps to four and  more

      rail shots You will need the " Doctoral " shown above to start your studies.

These Guides and graphs will give you the full information to play at your

best. You will receive over forty full page advance system graphs and their

fully written explanation of how to use them over 80 pages in all.

By e-mail $30.00    By regular mail bound copies                   $40.00


3.      NEW ~ Hits to Miss Kisses. Completely NEW. Miss all Kisses. Know the hit

to make  before you shoot to miss the kiss.  E-mail  $25.00   Bound Copies  $35.00 


4.      Tape or DVD Ball to Ball caroms [Straight Rail]  73 min          $30.00 


DPM For Pocket Billiards {POOL}                                     

1.       Secrets of Pocket Billiards [POOL] Kick Shots & Banking

Over 100 pages   50 full page graphs      Plus Tape or DVD.

         I am at the table showing how to use the book  75min.  $55.00




          All prices include Priority Shipping. Out of U.S. add $15.00 Air Mail.

Three or more items deduct 10%  pool or billiards mix.

Send check or money order to: Other payments methods available

Can be paid with Western Union or Money Gram

Darrell Paul Martineau,   5916 Bar Harbour Ct.,     Elk Grove, CA 95758

More Information Ph. 916-684-4535  e-mail dpmuniverse  @  comcast.net

Web page www.3cushion.us/